Wed Sep 25 23:21:56 ADT 2002

  This is a test application for the Matrox G400 TV output on CRTC2
under DirectFB.  DO NOT run this unless you have a G400 with TV output.

  You also need:
    - A version of DirectFB with Ville Syrjälä's maven and CRTC2 code,
      plus my patch to return the current field (all this is in
      dfb CVS).
    - Ville Syrjälä's kernel patch for CRTC2 VBI interrupts.

    - A working V4L input source: I have a bttv-supported card.

  This application captures frames from V4L and outputs them to your
G400: a software video pass-thru.  This is a proof-of-concept, showing
we can output high quality video, and write a nifty PVR and stuff like
that.  Woop!

  To get this working:
    - edit the top of dfbtv.c, there are some relevant #define's if you
      want to use PAL mode or something like that ;-)

  Contact me: vektor@dumbterm.net
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